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Business Financing

Helping you maximize the growth of your business. Understanding you helps us better understand your business needs. We are sincere in our intentions to build and maintain a business relationship with you right from the beginning. What we offer are solutions, to strengthen your business, finance daily operations and pave the way forward for future growth.

Project Financing

Applicable for companies whom are contractors, suppliers or vendors involved in construction, trade and service industries. Based on a cash flow lending concept, this specialised financing provides contractors, suppliers and vendors with short term funding to cover the financing gap from the point of site possession, sourcing and commencement of services, to the point of completion and handover of the completed contract.

Invoice Financing

A flexible financing solution for your open account purchases and imports. Is a short-term borrowing in which your business borrows money against the amount due on invoices you’ve issued to your customers. These trade receivables are then used as collateral. Applicable for companies whom from wide range of sectors and industries, such as construction, retail, transportation, and consumer goods.

Debt Consolidation

Manage all of your financial commitments by consolidating all of your outstanding debt into a single account. Having lots of different financing balances to be paid off at different times, for different amounts and to different parties can be stressful. We helping you to channel with the right products, you only need a single financing to pay all these once and for all.

Mortgage Takaful

A comprehensive Takaful term financing that provides financial protection in the event of premature death or total permanent disability.

Asset Acquisition

A purchasing company identifies which assets and liabilities it wants to acquire.

Business Advisory

We help you to digitize, transform and unlock the access to business funding channels.

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